Quest | September 2021

Quest | September 2021

Welcome to our third issue of Quest for 2021 which features great stories unearthed during Adult Learners Week — from keynote speakers, learning ambassadors, scholarship winners and more.

During the launch of Adult Learners Week, Simon Fenech shared how hitting rock bottom after his release from prison was the catalyst for his role as a mentor. Rugby star and actor Ian Roberts described the first time he told someone else about his difficulty with reading and how pivotal it was in getting help. Lana Masterson drew on her own experiences as a troubled child to help young people in her community to stay on track.

We’ve also got stories about our wonderful learning ambassadors and scholarship winners and the lessons they’ve learned from returning to education as adults. And our ‘Best ALW event’ winners share behind-the-scenes advice and tips.

In Quest we feature stories about how people develop confidence to take on challenges and overcome disadvantage through adult education. And how the organisations behind these kinds of programs are working to improve the lives of people in their communities.

In these times of uncertainty we need these good news stories now more than ever so we encourage you to share Quest through your networks. You can read full issues of Quest or individual articles in the stories section of our website.

I hope you enjoy this issue. Feel free to send me any feedback.


Gina Perry

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