Researching our Practice: Professor Mike Osborne Pre-Conference Workshop at the NAEEA Conference on the Gold Coast in Australia


Professor Mike Osborne shared with National Association of Enabling Educators (NAEEA) of Australia Conference delegates the secrets to 'Researching our Practice'. He began with asking the question, 'Where do you start?'. Professor Osborne shared his vast experience and insights on the following topics:

  • Breadth or depth?  
  • What is a literature review?
  • Assumptions about understanding learning
  • Developing a working thesis statement with a topic/issue and a question to focus your research
  • Writing objectives
  • Methods: Quantitative vs Qualitative

Delegates participated in robust and heartfelt discussions as well as interactive activities. During the break, Professor Osborne introduced participants to an interactive 3D Christmas APP which kept everyone amused and interested. No one wanted to stop playing with it after the break!

(Click image to enlarge).

During the second half of the workshop, Professor Osborne facilitated a group exercise whereby groups came up with a research question and then everyone rated each other's question on the following 5 criteria:  

  1. Focus
  2. Breadth
  3. Clarity
  4. Complexity
  5. Feasibility

This activity was highly engaging allowing participants to see how difficult it is to come up with an effective research question. These research questions were then incorporated into Professor Osborne's PowerPoint slides and distributed to Workshop participants. Overall feedback has been very positive with participants now well on their way to developing their own research questions.

Professor Osborne also gave a Keynote Address on the first day of the conference and participated in an interactive Panel made of up experts in enabling education at the end of the conference. Southern Cross University (SCU) College staff, who hosted this conference, wish to thank Professor Osborne for his time and willingness to share his knowledge and international experience which helped to make the conference a success!

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