Ria Dunkley presenting within the Green Zone of COP26

Ria Dunkley presenting within the Green Zone of COP26

We are pleased to report that CR&DALL core member Dr Ria Dunkley will be presenting within the Green Zone of COP26 in Glasgow as part of events highlighting of the work of universities. Her input with take place at the Glasgow Science Centre on 11 November 2021 where she will have a one and a half hour showcase, sharing maps created through the Dynamic Coast project.

For Dynamic Coast, she led a work package that explored Social Vulnerability to Coastal Erosion events, the report of which is featured belwo and attached. In the showcase, she aims to get a conversation going about the impact of sea-level rise and coastal erosion in the face of climate change. She will focus specifically on climate justice, bringing attention to the fact that the impact won't be equally felt by all who live on the coast, but will affect people relatively, linked to community resilience.


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