Shanghai Municipal Institute for Lifelong Learning - Visit 15-18 March 2018


CR&DALL Director for Europe, Mike Osborne, and PASCAL Associate Director for Europe, Roberta Piazza, were delighted to be hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Institute for Lifelong Learning (SMILE) and its director Professor Jian Huang from 15-18 March 2018. During that time, they discussed a number of areas of potential collaboration including assessment of the regional engagement role of Technical and Vocational Education Colleges in Shanghai.

They also delivered seminars to SMILE students and staff related to lifelong learning policies and the community engagement role of universities.

One of the students, who was the main liaison point and looked after every detail of the visit was Ye Xiaohan, who completed her MSc in Teaching Adults at the University of Glasgow. She is now studying for her PhD with Professor Huang. Our thanks to Professor Huang and Ye Xiaohan.

From left: Professor Wei Ping Shi, Director of Institute of Vocational and Adult Education, East China Normal University, Professor Roberta Piazza, Associate Director of PASCAL, University of Catania, Professor Jian Huang, Head of SMILE, East China Normal University and Professor We Meihua, Director of the Organisation Department and the United Front Department of the Party Committee of Shanghai Dianji University


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