From smart cities to smart learning environments - A comparative study

University of Glasgow
Room 432, School of Education
St. Andrews Building, 11 Eldon Street
Glasgow, G3 6NH
United Kingdom
Tuesday, 9 February, 2016 - 16:00 to 17:30

Seminar Series: 

We are in the midst of a new economic age, a complex competitive landscape defined largely by globalization and digitalisation. That means that the utilization and production of knowledge and innovativeness have become critical to organizational survival (Uhl-Bien, Marion, McKelvey, 2007).

Our study concentrate on the issue of challenges to learning environment within the concept of smart city, characterized by multiple focus areas (Lee - Phaal - Lee, 2013). The learning dimension is becoming more central within smart city discussions.

Thus smart city initiatives will include more investments in training and in continuing education, in order to foster city’s learning and innovation capacity (Neirotti, De Marco, Cagliano, Mangano, Scorrano, 2014, 6-7). In addition, it is now acknowledged that smart cities include also so called soft factors, that have to be holistically accounted for (Syväjärvi, Laitinen et al., 2015). The generally held precept is that accomplishment of this learning smart city goal requires new, innovative models for collaboration.

All are welcome, but a reservation is essential. Please RSVP to [email protected] to book your place.  Full details are available in the flyer featured below and attached.

From smart cities to smart learning environments - A comparative study

Dr Ilpo Laitinen, Director of Administration City of Helsinki
Professor Jari Stenvall, Sciences University of Tampere
Professor Roberta Piazza, University of Catania

Tuesday 9th February 2016, 1600-1730

Room 432, School of Education, St. Andrews Building
11 Eldon Street
University of Glasgow
Glasgow, G3 6NH


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