Special Issue of the PIMA Bulletin honouring Chris Duke (#47)


Following the note by Chris that he would step down as Editor of the PIMA Bulletin which he developed for the last seven years a decision was taken to prepare a Special Issue that would be published in honour of the contributions he made to develop the Bulletin.

Chris has a remarkable lifetime engagement and career in adult learning and education. He provided his service to the field and to civil society movements, holding senior positions in higher education as a professor, vice-chancellor, and university president. At the same time, he served as secretary general of ASPBAE and associate secretary general of ICAE. He was co-founder of PASCAL as well as PIMA. In 2014 he was inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame. He published his strong positions on active citizenship and democracy, on global warming and climate change or on environmental concerns related to the local and global level, on social justice and the reduction of poverty through adult education in numerous books and articles - and in recent years through the PIMA Bulletin. Earlier issues can all be accessed through https://www.pimanetwork.com/bulletins

The co-editors enjoyed working on this Special Issue. It was a pleasure to find a framework for how to organize the volume, with some bio information, the emergence of the bulletin, with poems and many letters from colleagues and friends around the world and to see Chris also as a gardener.

We hope you enjoy reading as well as listening to the study circle conversation!

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