A special issue of Studies in the Education of Adults

A special issue of Studies in the Education of Adults

A special issue of Studies in the Education of Adults on the arts, creativity and adult education is now available at Taylor & Francis Online; the article Adult education, the arts and creativity, by Nicola Dickson & Darlene E. Clover is featured below and attached.

The special edition transpired through a chance meeting of the two guest editors; Nicola Dickson and Darlene Clover. Nicola is an early career researcher and PhD student with the School of Education at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Professor Darlene Clover is an established author and feminist arts-based education scholar, based in the University of Victoria in Canada. Both share a passion for exploring the links between the arts, creativity and adult education. The special issue was devised with the Studies Editorial team as an opportunity for adult educator practitioners and scholars to share their creative practice, interrogate the use of art-based research approaches in education, and celebrate the innovative ways in which the arts can be used as tools of adult education and lifelong learning. 


Nic Dickson

PhD Candidate 
Department of Education
University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

@NicMDickson on Twitter


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