Transitioning Vocational Education and Training in Africa - New Publication from Simon McGrath and colleagues

Transitioning Vocational Education and Training in Africa

On 6th January 2023, a new book, Transitioning Vocational Education and Training in Africa, was published by Bristol University Press. Amongst the authors was Simon McGrath, CR&DALL Core member at the University of Glasgow. Congratulations to Simon and his colleagues in Africa.

The abstract of the book reads as follows:

The transition to more just and sustainable development requires radical change across a wide range of areas and particularly within the nexus between learning and work.

This book takes an expansive view of vocational education and training that goes beyond the narrow focus of much of the current literature and policy debate. Drawing on case studies across rural and urban settings in Uganda and South Africa, the book offers a new way of seeing this issue through an exploration of the multiple ways in which people learn to have better livelihoods. Crucially, it explores learning that takes place informally online, within farmers’ groups, and in public and private educational institutions.

Offering new insights and ways of thinking about this field, the book draws out clear implications for theory, policy and practice in Africa and beyond.

Very importantly the book is open access in digital form and can be viewed and downloaded from this link.


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