CR&DALL is pleased (and saddened) to update subscribers on the situation on the ground in Ukraine from the perspective of DVV’s representative in Kyiv, Oleg Smirnov. He sent on 9 March the photos and video below, and a key message statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also featured below. We wish him and the people of Ukraine our support and hope for a speedy end to the conflict there.

Oleg writes:

Dear Colleagues,

Thanks a lot for all your support and kind messages. They really mean much more than simply words. After the first the most difficult days the war is at the stage when no one can predict how the situation will develop. Thanks to the unity and sacrifice of each person in every corner of the country the army has been stopped. The defense of Kyiv is strong enough. However, methods of warfare used by the Russian troops are base and vile, hundreds of civilians, including children, were killed, thousands lost their homes. They destroy schools and kindergartens., etc... You know everything from your media, I see hundreds of war reporters staying in the hotel in the center of Kyiv and doing their work in the hottest places. The informational support is highly valuable on each level. The majority of our very close relatives in Russia express their open hatred for their children, sisters and brothers living in Ukraine. We feel this personally. They repeat all official propaganda and don't want to listen to any arguments. For us any support from people from other countries matters everything today.

I cooperate here with our local Bildung movement. Colleagues communicate closely with associations in Nordic countries, with Lene Rachel Andersen There are some materials in English on the page of Serhii Chumachenko, who describes the situation each day.

It will be great if you continue sharing information and will inform us about support in your countries, esp. through AE networks.

Glory to Ukraine!!!




Gallery images (click to enlarge): 

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