UNESCO´s Futures of Education - ICAE´s Future of ALE

UNESCO´s Futures of Education - ICAE´s Future of ALE

A few weeks ago the CR&DALL Bulletin shared the contribution of UIL on Lifelong Learning to the UNESCO Futures of Education Commission which is in the tradition of the Faure Report in 1972 and the Delors Commission in 1996 on Learning - the treasure within. 

The Report in the making is planned to be published late in 2021. The International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) invited a Working and Writers Group for a discourse on the future of ALE. It was a great challenge to collect ideas, experiences, and examples and have a deeper discussion on what would be a civil society and a professional perspective on ALE as a proper contribution to the UNESCO Commission.

Featured below and attached please find the result that has been finalised. For those who are further interested please also find attached the contribution from ICAE in 1994 to the Delors Commission.