An update from UALL Secretary - This is the time when Lifelong Learning comes into its own


Sadly, we are not in Liverpool today at our conference and looking forward to relax over a beautiful meal and raise a celebratory glass to all the wonderful work of our colleagues as we present the UALL awards HOWEVER we are all working creatively in our changed circumstances.

This is the time when Lifelong Learning comes into its own as people realise that they don’t have the skills, knowledge or resources needed to work and live differently and therefore turn to learning to help them make the changes or take opportunities to learn for fun and leisure because they have time.

UALL understands that this is a crucial time for Lifelong Learning in Universities and we are writing to get your support and provide a brief update (if you have time to read it).

We want to capture the way that members are responding to the changed circumstances so that we can share, build a knowledge base for subsequent lobbying and work in partnership with other organisations to support members, demonstrate the vital role of LLL and create global conversations.

1. The task (which will take you no more than 5 minutes) is:

Please reply to Alice Reynolds at UALL Administration and provide a short statement indicating how you/your team or department is responding to the changed work environment. Please include details of any new initiatives, activities, approaches or resources that you are using or have developed or ideas that you are trialling. Include any appropriate web links. Please return by midday Monday April 6th.

We will pull responses together and send an update report next Wednesday April 8th to share experiences and changes as well as ideas or resources that people are able to share. 

2. General Update for your information

AGM: We are working to create a virtual AGM meeting for May 14th as per previous information. Please hold the date and time in your calendar and we will be in touch. If any institution has capacity to host an online meeting with multiple participants please let us know. We are looking at Skype or Zoom but would be pleased to have input.

Conference: Liverpool University is holding the last 3 days of July as the rescheduled dates and we will be guided by them as time progresses. Most participants and presenters have responded positively for this new date.

Partner organisations: we are in touch with our international partner organisations and will share any online meetings or webinars as we receive them. Alice is already circulating these as she receives them. We will seek to create our own programme with partners based on the responses received for your input.

Stay safe and remember to take lots of breaks

Best wishes


Mary Mahoney
Honorary Secretary

Alice Reynolds
UALL Administrator