The vlog channel "Aging for Beginners" has launched


On YouTube the vlog channel "Aging for Beginners" has launched. Populations are aging, our customers are aging, we all in person are in the process of aging, but the acquisition of knowledge about normal aging is still based on a trial and error method. The professional ager Tiina Tambaum shows in her vlogs what are the needs of normally ageing persons, and together with the successful ager Ants Värnik they discuss age-related things.

The link to the channel "Tiina Tambaum: Aging for Beginners" is:

In the first vlog, Tiina goes to Tallinn's recently opened shopping center T1 and explores how much the older customers would feel comfortable and welcomed there.

In the second vlog, Ants and Tiina chat about the meaning of age and why thinking about one's personal age is pointless and even harmful. In the next vlog Ants and Tiina are going to discuss the nature of loneliness in old age and whether robots can be the solution for this problem or human being themselves need to deal with this.  

Vlogs that are produced in Estonian have subtitles in English and in Estonian.

Tiina Tambaum is a researcher at Tallinn University, Estonian Institute of Population Studies and she teaches the course of Educational Gerontology. Further information: Tiina Tambaum, +372 53424504, [email protected]


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