On the Way towards EU Integration: Countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe Shaping Lifelong Learning Systems

Countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe Shaping Lifelong Learning Systems

On 13th ;March 2024, representatives coming from countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe met in Brussels to inform each other on progress that had been made in recent years on developments in lifelong learning, and especially in the field of adult education. Participants came from governments, civil society and academia.

Participants worked themselves through a rich agenda (attached) with contributions from all participating countries, including Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine. Case studies on successful developments in EU member countries came from Estonia and Slovenia. A representative of the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD) provided a breifing  on financing mechanisms.

The new Director of the UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning shared ideas in respect to monitoring through the Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE). Koen Nomden from the DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion spoke on EU policies and participation trends, and Brikena Xhomaqi, Director, Lifelong Learning Platform - European Civil Society for Education, moderated the final session.

The event took place on the premises of the Committee of the Regions as a host, and was opened by representatives from EU and the organizing partners: European Training Foundation (ETF), European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) and DVV International. 

The Joint statement of the organisers (attached) was shared at the end of the day, and it includes a commitment to continue support in the process of developing lifelong learning systems and adult education in the countries. For more information please follow this link


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