Webinar: What role should universities have in educating adults?

School of Education, University of Nottingham
Jubilee Campus, Wollaton Road
Nottingham NG8 1BB
United Kingdom
Tuesday, 7 July, 2020 - 17:00 to 18:00
Webinar: What role should universities have in educating adults?

The University of Nottingham is hosting a webinar, 'What role should universities have in educating adults?', on Tuesday 7th July, discussing the role of universities have in educating adults.

During the 20th century, universities offered big adult education programmes in their local communities. Adults studied part-time, at work and in their leisure time. This work ended around the millennium. Why? What has been lost? In the light of this coronavirus emergency online programme, discuss with Professor John Holford what universities should be doing to support adult learning in their localities.

To register, please follow the link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/what-role-should-universities-have-in-educating-adults-tickets-102968750304?aff=estw&utm_campaign=201308&utm_source=Twitter

The event will be on 7th July 17.00-18.00, there is no fee. Places are limited so please be sure to register soon to indicate your interest for the event. 


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Alice Reynolds
UALL Administrator


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