Work-o-Witch - A New Blog on Work & Education in Film and Media

Work-o-Witch. A New Blog on Work & Education in Film and Media

Jörg Markowitsch (VET researcher) and Konrad Wakolbinger (documentary film maker) have recently launched Work-o-Witch, an innovative resource in the field of work and education which came into being during the course of the pandemic.

They both share a long love for films, specifically when they overlap with their keen appreciation for the topics of work and education, bringing both together in The fact that 'workers leaving a factory' is the very first subject in film history reveals the profound connection between the medium of film and the phenomenon of work and is also the leitmotif and cover image of their blog.

Everyone interested is invited to contribute to W-o-W as guest author. Fritz Boehle, Hans G. Bauer and Lorenzo Bonoli already did so, an article by Georg Hans Neuweg will be published soon. Articles are available in English and German.

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