World Committee for Life Long Learning

World Committee for Life Long Learning

An invitation from Alexandre GINOYER, President of the World Committee for Life Long Learning (CMA), to join and participate in his organisation.

Dear adherent or sympathizer

JOIN THE CMA, support its actions! Here are two significant ones:

  1. The 6th World Forum for Lifelong Learning, which was planned in Brussels these days and which has been postponed for a year for the reasons you know, has just received the OFFICIAL PATRONAGE of UNESCO. We invite you to contribute to our reflection by going to our site: You will find a discussion forum on the question: WHAT SHOULD THE VIth WORLD FORUM FOR LLL BE IN THE “WORLD AFTER”? You will also find a discussion forum on the theme of GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP. So read the first articles published and, if you wish, add your own. Anyone can publish! The workshop commissions will use your submissions.
  2. CMAtlv has just co-signed a partnership agreement with the Polytechnic University of Erbil (EPU) in Iraqi Kurdistan. A great project binds us, that of bringing useful learning to populations who have suffered displacement, war, successive crises. The project, built in the form of "action research", plans to transmit the skills to lead projects in the field to 180 beneficiaries. Concrete projects aimed at overcoming the problems encountered and at preparing a better future for everyone, for this region and for the planet; projects that will form the basis of learning, especially non-formal learning. We hope to obtain the funding that would allow us to fully invest in this action, which marks a crucial operational turning point for our organization.

So don't wait any longer: whether you are an individual or an organization, you can join via our site; the procedure is explained there.

Latest news: the Ordinary General Assembly: It will be held on September 21st, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. in Paris face-to-face at the premises of our partner UNMFREO as well as at a distance for remote people. All current members will be invited, and there will be a pleasant buffet ... for those who will be physically present!




Alexandre GINOYER
Président du CMAtlv
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