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International Perspectives on Learning with Technologies: Challenges, developments and solutions - 20 May, 1300, Glasgow

This seminar will examine global perspectives on learning with technologies.  The presenters bring a unique range of expertise from Scotland, the European Union, Malaysia/Asia and Southern Africa/Malawi.

 We will share the challenges and difficulties faced in implementing technologies in teaching and learning, and some of the developments and solutions that bring promise of enhancement. We also will discuss recent research, and illustrate with local examples.

Wednesday 20 May 2015, 1.00pm, Room 432, St Andrew's Building

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Standing Up For Education

We are a group of academics and educational researchers who support the broad policy agenda presented in the NUT‘s Stand Up for Education campaign. We see the Stand up for Education initiative as a welcome attempt to present a much more positive and optimistic vision of education than that currently on offer (see our statement of support and list of signatories).

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Growing Experience: A Review of Undergraduate Placements in Computer Science

The final quarter of 2013 saw the fastest increase in UK technology sector business for over four years, and 44% of UK technology firms were planning to hire more staff in 2014. Despite this, the computer science graduates who are fundamental to this growth show the highest level of unemployment of all students six months after leaving university. The reasons for this are complex, but time and again research and employers point to undergraduate work placements as an effective method for improving employment outcomes in computing. And yet the current supply of placements outstrips demand.

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