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The University of Würzburg started its Winter School on Comparative Adult Education several years ago. Meanwhile, it has developed to be the Adult Education Academy (AEA) for International and Comparative Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning. This is supported by a consortium of some ten partners from universities and providers now represented in INTALL. The AEA 2021 has just started this week, and of course, is virtual.

DVV International Newsletter 1/2021

Even though the Corona pandemic has brought many negative aspects, it makes us think more about how we want to actively shape our future. In this sense, we make our contribution with some articles in this newsletter: For example, the directors of DVV International reflect on the future of adult education, the action field of adult education in digital media literacy is dealt with in another article, and Raúl Valdés-Cotera from the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, as well as Dr. Ingrid Schöll and Andreas Preu from the adult education centre (Volkshochschule) in Bonn, have contributed guest articles on our spotlight topic “Learning Cities”.

UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning Bulletin, January 2021

I wish you a joyful, healthy and prosperous new year and look very much forward to continuing and accelerating our joint journey to turn UNESCO’s holistic vision of lifelong learning into a reality.

Raymond Williams Memorial Lecture & ‘useful education’: a critique and a celebration

Here is a recording of the annual Raymond Williams lecture which I think you will find thought-provoking. It also explores the differences in approach to lifelong learning between England, Scotland, and Wales which may be of interest.

[L&W] Latest news on European research in learning and work - February 2021

In this edition of the L&W Newsletter, you should note in particular the call for proposals to the following conferences: AVETRA 2021 (online) - Recover, rethink and rebuild: All eyes on VET, TAKE 2021 - Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy in Porto, the Conference on Employer Engagement (online), the ESREA Network conference on Adult Learning and Communities in Seville, the Cedefop/OECD symposium on Apprenticeships for greener economies and societies (online) and EAPRIL 2021 - Learning in the Age of Industry 4.0 in Kufstein, Austria (see Conferences), and the call for contributions to special issues on: Emergent issues in research on VET (new volume of research book series), Regional disparities in national education (journal Education Sciences) and Doctoral theses in vocational education (Journal of Vocational Education & Training) (see Publications). And not to overlook: the Flash meeting on Corona Coping Competence organized by the LinkedIn Competence Studies Group (see Networks and Organisations)!

Cedefop newsletter No 106 - January 2021 - New Cedefop/OECD publication

The joint Cedefop/OECD publication on the next steps for apprenticeship looks at the future of apprenticeship from the perspective of emerging policy objectives, new approaches to education and training and external megatrends.

School of Education 2021 Webinar Series – Collaborative Schooling for Change

Presentations within this webinar will highlight research with policymakers and practitioners, aimed at enabling all children to achieve their full potential, irrespective of background.

The Network for Social and Educational Equity (NSEE) builds research and development collaborations with schools and their partners to close the poverty-related achievement gap, and will give an overview of a range of its projects. (Presenters: Professor Chris Chapman and Dr Jo Neary)

School of Education 2021 Webinar Series Report – Urban and Place Based Learning

Dr Muir Houston, Deputy Director of CR&DALL opened the webinar and provided an overview of logistics for the 80+ delegates and panellists. Professor Michael Osborne, Director of Research in the School of Education, began formal proceedings and introduced Professor Margery McMahon, Head of School, who welcomed delegates. Professor Osborne then explained that in this webinar with its theme of Urban and Place Based Learning, we would be hearing from representatives of four of the school’s major projects in this area, some very local to the city of Glasgow and others that involved cities and neighbourhoods in the global south.

Professor Deo Jaganyi appointed Vice-Chancellor of Mount Kenya University

We are very pleased to announce the installation on 29 January of Professor Deo Jaganyi as Vice-Chancellor of Mount Kenya University. He has moved back to his home country following a period as Director of Research at the University of Rwanda where he was a close collaborator in our work in the Centre for Sustainable, Healthy, Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods.

Here are some details of Gresham College’s free public lectures (running since 1597); they include lecturers like Professors Chris Whitty who is speaking about Vaccination on 10 Feb, Edith Hall (Classics), Leslie Thomas QC (Law), and Joanna Bourke (Cultural History).

PIMA Bulletin No. 34 - January 2021

We begin this ambiguous New Year on an upbeat note: Chris Brooks demurs at the prevailing doom and gloom with which we farewelled 2020, noting causes for collective pride. Yet there is also a blunt closing challenge: in his rural village ‘flat-earthers’ display ‘thoughtless thinking and a failure to identify and examine the facts’. ‘Surely this is a major educational failure. What should we do?’ Brooks asks.

#LearningPlanet Festival

You are invited to participate in the 2nd edition of the #LearningPlanet Festival, on the theme "Learning to take care of yourself, others and the planet" which will take place online on January 24 and 25, 2021, on the occasion of the International Education Day.

[L&W] Call for contributions to the next edition of the L&W Newsletter

You are invited to submit information for the next edition of the Newsletter for European Research in Learning and Work [L&W], due to appear at the beginning of February 2021.

Briefing Paper 3: The role of Stakeholders in Peacebuilding

This briefing paper focusses on the role of stakeholders in peacebuilding which are defined as actors coming together to participate and cooperate at different levels for the sake of building peaceful societies. We aim to showcase that the active participation of different actors and organisations has a significant impact on the development of peacebuilding projects.

Webinar invitation: A prisoner’s right to education – 21 January 2021

Approximately 11 million people are currently incarcerated in penal institutions worldwide. While education is a fundamental human right, many of these penal institutions are overcrowded and at crisis point, unable to provide education according to international standards. In an effort to address this problem, UIL will host a webinar on 21 January 2021 entitled ‘A prisoner’s right to education’ as part of UNESCO’s ‘#RightToEducation’ campaign and to mark the 60th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education.

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