Building Lifelong Learning in conditions of closure and siege

University of Glasgow
St. Andrew's Building
Eldon St.,
Glasgow G3 6NH
United Kingdom
Monday, 15 April, 2013 - 14:00


Professor Elaydi will outline the specific conditions of Gaza, which are unique. Gaza is already a learning society with a range of formal provision in family and kindergarten projects, NGOs, schools and universities. Informal provision includes unions, religious institutions and local government learning centers. Yet the learning resources are grossly over stretched. Gaza has a dense population and few natural resources, outside of the people of Gaza who attend 27 institutions of Higher Education.

Learning takes place across different generations. Children learn alongside parents and grandparents. NGOs carry out human rights workshops in seminars on conflict and transformational justice. Just months after the last siege in November 2012, Gaza needs some 200 new schools. Provision and procedures constantly work across the barriers imposed on Gaza. It focuses upon:

  • leadership qualities in dignity, pride, tenacity, hope, generosity of spirit, faith, confidence, determination to build peace through justice, competence, delight, joy, smart learning tactics and professionalism;
  • cultural awareness in several centers and institutions such as Iwan, IUG Oral History Center, Al-Muthaf, Irada, Art and Craft Village, Biet Alsmod, Alnur Center, Ibdaa; and
  • interventions in regional development that include programs to foster new businesses and skills with IUG, PNGO and the Women Graduate’s Society.

Professor Elaydi proposes that Gaza urgently needs a lifting of the closure, and an end to the occupation. It needs at least 200 new schools. In the meantime provision is making links between formal and informal learning, and the structures of a learning society are being embedded more and more in the connections of existing resources. Professor Elaydi will give a unique inside view of Gaza and its people as they build Lifelong Learning in conditions totally unlike anywhere else in the world ...

Professor Elaydi will be accompanied by Professors Rabah, El-Hozondar and women from the Association of Women Graduates in Gaza. All look forward to the fullest discussion. 

Sandwiches and coffee will be served before the seminar from 1.30pm


Links to video recordings of the session – whole thing beautifully filmed – below.

and the question and answer session afterwards

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