Sustainable Futures Global Network - Spring Newsletter

Sustainable Futures Global Network - Spring Newsletter

Greetings to everyone, friends, and family of the Sustainable Futures Global Network. We are delighted to share with you some news and updates from across the network. A network that is working through new freedoms and relief at the relaxing of the pandemic impacts, but also new challenges and urgencies as communities and ecologies continue to struggle with social and ecological sustainability.

Sustainable development is still interpreted and enacted so differently by different actors. Conflict, miscommunication, misappropriation, and disconnection still challenge our capacity as humans to co-exist with each and our environments sustainably.

The activities and updates shared in this newsletter are guiding our current progress towards a global legal entity that will better support the ever-evolving practices and innovations of the network. The leadership is growing and developing both within the hubs as well as at a global level.

The life of the network is sustained and informed by the day-to-day interactions, decisions, and commitments of each one of our members and affiliates. Individually we juggle, we often struggle, we meander, make leaps, and take pauses; together we make a web, and quite a force – a springboard for the days we need to leap, a cushion for the times we need to fall back.

Dr Mia Perry, SF Global Network Co-Director

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