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Intercultural Cities Programme - Patras

Cities participating in the Intercultural cities programme of the Council of Europe undergo expert and peer reviews of their policies, governance and practice. This review takes the form of narrative reports and city profiles – a form which is very rich in content and detail but is relatively heavy as a tool to monitor progress and communicate results.

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U21 workshop in Hong Kong - 21 November

The lastest workshop of the U21 RUR network on the topic of Research Universities and their Learning Cities was held at Hong Kong University on 21 November 2013, and hosted by Professor Mark Bray. Delegates attended from the University of Glasgow, Hong Kong University and UBC as well as collaborating universities and cities who are not part of U21. These included the University of Catania, the cities of Cork and Helsinki, Simon Fraser University and the University of Tampere. 

At this point some practical suggestions that emerged from discussion include the following:

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Voice, Choice and Control Beyond 2015

The Active Learning Centre (ALC), an NGO partner of CR&DALL, has been delivering active democracy projects across the world for 20 years, from Eastern Europe to South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.
Earlier this month ALC took part in a British Council (BC) and London School of Economics (LSE) conference to discuss The Changing Shape of Gender Equality in South Asia and to develop a work plan to tackle gender inequality beyond 2015 when the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) end.

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Empowering Women as Leaders in Malawi

The Active Learning Centre (ALC), an NGO partner of CRADALL’s, has been delivering active democracy projects across the world for 20 years, from Eastern Europe to South East Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. ALC senior associates, Susan Dalgety and Danny Phillips, are just back from running democracy workshops in Malawi, working with the Ministry of Gender and the Women’s Legal Resources Centre (WOLREC) on a project, funded by the Scottish Government, to identify and train 2000 women to consider standing in the next year’s local government elections.

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CR&DALL Director at 2013 Global HR Forum in Seoul

Professor Michael Osborne, Director of CR&DALL, presented at the 2013 Global HR Forum in Seoul in the strand entitled Lifelong Learning in the Centennial Era - For the Happy Third Age alongside Ian Baptiste Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences, St. George's University, Grenada, and discussants, Professor Heesu Lee, Dean, Graduate School of Global HR Development, Chung-Ang University and Professor Zunsang Han Professor, College of Sciences in Education, Yonsei University in a session sponsored by the Korean National Institute for Lifelong Learning (NILE).

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Today’s school leavers less ready for work than they were in 1851

Subscribers may be interested in new research from the UK’s online learning provider, learndirect, which suggests that today’s school leavers are less prepared for the workforce than they were in 1851. Looking into the last 160 years of the curriculum, this research shows which subjects have been phased out or kept on, and how this relates to workplace requirements - then and now. In the light of the secondary curriculum review and the research findings, learndirect has made  recommendations for change to ensure school leavers gain the right skills.

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First report from the inaugural UNESCO International Conference on Learning Cities, Beijing

I am pleased to report that the first two days of the inaugural UNESCO International Conference on Learning Cities hosted by the Government of Beijing Municipal City and the Minister of Education, China, has successfully concluded with the assent by acclamation of the Beijing Declaration of Learning Cities.

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Peer suggests redirecting funds for organic farming to research

In a debate on genetically modified food in the House of Lords on 17 October, Lib Dem peer Dick Taverne asked Conservative peer Rupert Ponsonby whether he would lobby the farming minister to “transfer the millions of pounds that are available for conversion to organic farming...to our first-class research institutes such as Rothamsted and the John Innes Centre”.

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PIAAC events in Barcelona and Edinburgh

We are delighted to announce that PASCAL will be collaborating with the  Jaume Bofill Foundation in Barcelona in organising two events concerned with the recent OECD PIAAC study.

Details of the first of these events to be held in Barcelona on 7 November 2013 are attached below. The day consists of a seminar with invited guests from 0900-1400 at Palau Macaya, Passeig de Sant Joan, 108 – Barcelona and a Conference open to all at 18.30h at Cercle d’Economia, Provença, 298 – Barcelona.

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The Museum of 3rd Horizons: By 2025 Scotland will be regarded as a world-leading learning nation

The Goodison Group in Scotland and Scotland's Futures Forum's scenario project “By 2025 Scotland will be regarded as a world-leading learning nation” was launched earlier this year. We are now embedding learning. The adult learning sector is alive with strong values and practices which will be key to success. This hugely innovative ‘Museum of the 3rd Horizon’ event in Glasgow will bring together those involved in adult learning now and in the past to share and explore those values, practices, barriers and opportunities.

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