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Food security and climate change: global issues that require a global response

In order to survive, human beings have to eat and over the course of their life span most human feel the sun, rain, snow or wind on their skin.  Therefore from cradle to grave we all engage with food in some form and we are all aware of  the weather and how it impacts on many aspects of our lives.  Food security and climate change are consequently vitally important topics that have the potential to touch us all in one way or another.

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Exploring Community and the State

In the UK the agency Locality is hosting a debate on exploring a possible new deal between community and the state. Locality describe this event as: How should we respond to austerity policies? Shout from the sidelines, stand by as services are dismantled or look for more positive and more fundamental alternatives? At this event, we will discuss how we can ‘build possibility’ by changing the relationship between the state, community and individual citizens - by shifting power and mobilizing the many. We'll share learning from recent practice around: community organising

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International Association for Community Development

The International Association for Community Development (IACD) is a global network of community activists, professional development workers and academics. IACD and CRADALL have functional links through the work of Rod Purcell and Dave Beck. Both Rod and Dave are CRADALL Affiliates and staff members of the University of Glasgow as well as being board members of IACD. In June 2014 the IACD international conference will be in Glasgow and hosted by the University. More details will be given in a future post.

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European Observatory for the Validation of non-formal and informal learning

Those interested in the topic of the validation of informal learning might like to look at the Observal-Net project run by the European Universities Continuing Education Network in Barcelona. The Observatory is an exchange platform supporting the validation of non-formal and informal learning (VNIL) in Europe.

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FACE 2011 Annual Conference - Final programme and directions

Attached is the final programme for the Conference. This is provided for advance information as a paper copy will be inserted in each delegate pack.

Also attached are a  map of central Glasgow - showing the Conference venue marked on the corner of Gibson St and Kelvin Way - and the detailed map (already distributed) of the venue street itself. Again, these will be provided in the Conference pack  but those registering recently may find them useful in arriving on Wednesday.

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