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Learner centred approaches to adult education in Scotland

The Adult Learning in Scotland Statement of Ambition states that adult learning should be lifelong, life-wide and learner-centred. This interactive workshop will explore what we understand by a learner centred approach to adult learning and how it impacts on our practice.

The key address will be from Professor Michele Schweisfurth who is Professor of Comparative and International Education at the University of Glasgow. Her research interests include an analysis of learner centred education.

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Interim Report - Commission on Widening Access to HE in Scotland

The interim report of the Commission on Widening Access to HE in Scotland has recently been published together with a summary of evidence submitted. I am a little surprised to find no reference to adult learning and second chance education in the report, though pleased to see that some of the issues that I raised are documented in the summary of evidence. I attach the report, the summary of evidence, and my own submission on behalf of CR&DALL.

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Universities and Lifelong Learning (UALL) series - 50% discount to CR&DALL subscribers

The Universities and Lifelong Learning (UALL) series (edited by Professor Michael Osborne) and published by Manchester University Press (MUP) analyses the external engagement activities of universities and third-level institutions and is concerned with the range of activity that lies beyond the traditional mission of teaching and research.

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An Introduction to the Behavioural Research Centre for Adult Skills and Knowledge (ASK)

Following our recent visit to meet colleagues in CR&DALL, I have been asked to provide some information on Behavioural Research Centre for Adult Skills and Knowledge (ASK).  In March 2014, the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) and the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) jointly set up the Centre.

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The Base of the Iceberg - Study guides in Adult Education – new volume!

Alan Rogers looks at learning (formal, nonformal and informal) and examines the hidden world of informal (unconscious, unplanned) learning. He points out the importance of informal learning for creating tacit attitudes and values, knowledge and skills which influence (conscious, planned) learning – formal and non-formal.


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